"At eléni Skincare we are passionate about your skin's health. We have created an easy to understand, simple range of products using highly advanced award-winning technology to give you results time and time again. eléni Skincare has proven to be versatile and effective for all skin types and conditions from young problem skin to mature skin showing the effects of time. We think you will love the results. Enjoy!”


“How can you take a great skin care range and make it work even better for you? Simple, take time to visit your local skin therapist who will listen to you and give great advice on what your skin truly needs. Even better, she’ll get your skincare regime off to a great start with a treatment designed exactly for your needs using eléni dedicated professional products.”


“Not all skincare is created equal. Eléni Skincare is at the forefront of research into advanced liposomal technology. This is simply the encapsulating of active ingredients inside an oil sphere, oil similar to that surrounding our skin cells. The outcome; deeper penetration into the skin of high impact peptides and herbal extracts.”