6114-06590845eléni is the result of twenty five years of dedicated research into various conditions affecting the skin.

It all began when our South African team founder resigned his role as a highly successful Director in a large international conglomerate. Having suffered from psoriasis for many years, and unable to find any effective treatments, he decided the only solution was to create his own.

After two years locked up in his own laboratory, he finally discovered an effective solution for his skin condition. Through this work he developed an in depth understanding of the skin. He and his team also discovered the potential impact of a range of natural and science derived ingredients. Most importantly, they developed a unique means of delivering effective ingredients deeper into the skin.

Many years later, the team’s love of research into how the skin functions, has led them to a profound understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the skin. In addition we now know how we can improve the health of skin through delivery of the right actives to the cells of the epidermis and dermis.

Of course that’s only half the story. While we now appreciate the best actives for antioxidant protection, the most effective ingredients to stimulate the production of collagen and other essential proteins, the ideal means of ensuring long term moisture stability, work continues in the eléni laboratories as we seek to provide even more effective solutions for long term skin health.

We here at eléni have a vision and this is simply to make it possible for everyone to enjoy:

'True beauty through cellular well being'