Double Cleanse by Aruna

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Alisha from Aruna



That all important second cleanse will clean deep into your skin, ensuring a thorough cleanse, removing all debris.
Perfectly cleaning and preparing your skin to make the most of the serums and creams to follow.
Skin care experts from around the globe state that, your creams and serums will actually work faster if the "double cleanse" routine is adopted. Skin is correctly prepared for the full and proper absorption of serums, moisturisers and anti-ageing products.

A double cleanse is not always necessary in the morning. But properly carried out at night will ensure your skin looks and feels at its best.
Are you "double cleansing" yet?
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Alisha McLean, Aruna , Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Aruna - Beauty by Alisha shares some tips on the double Cleanse

TOP TIPS ON CLEANSING with #eléni Facial Deep Cleanse. Subtle scents of lemon in this cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean and you feeling perfectly relaxed.
**Did you know** if you wear makeup on a daily basis, a "double cleanse" is recommended for you.
The first cleanse will remove all surface makeup and sunscreen, products you apply daily which are designed to cling to your skin.
Gently massage on and remove with warm water and sponges, muslin cloth or cotton pads, (whichever you prefer), in order to be able to access the skin with the second cleanse.